Our history from 2009-2013
1. 2009 Founded:  Sold the world's first co2 generator
2. 2011 Product upgrade: Co2 generator upgraded to D201 version, added pressure relief valve design
3. 2012 New product launch: D301 co2 generator, 4 in 1 co2 diffuser, improve the performance of accessories; This is a vertical tubing connection we have invented. multifunctional mini co2 diffuser.
4. 2013 D501 co2 generator, co2 drop checker. Solved the unstable connection and nor attractive of two coco bottles. With colorimetric function. Easy to open for filling

Development from 2015-2018
5. 2015 D601 stainless steel cylinder co2 generator, Suction water changer. One-time reaction in stainless steel bottle, constant pressure output. Suction water changer. Accurate suction, can be long or short, easy to store
6. 2017 Co2 regulator system, D601S co2 generator, small U co2 diffuser, stainelss steel co2 diffuser. Tool-free design, exquisite and compact, quick-plug interface. Separate solenoid valve and pressure reducing valve, modular design. Exclusive injection molding of the thin sheet, which greatly improves the thinning effect
7. 2018 D701 co2 generator, Auto top off, Brine shrimp incubator, External co2 diffuser. The bottle body is thickened, and the body remains unchanged and doubles the gas volume. Auto top off: Compact and easy to use, suitable for multi-size open tanks, bottom filter water replenishment. Direction changeable, waterflow resistance-free design,ultra fine bubbles

8. 2019 Form a foreign trade team 2019: We were the manufacture behind the scenes before. Since then, a foreign trade team has been set up to participate in the CIPS exhibition, and the factory has officially started direct trade with foreign businessmen.
9. Today We are constantly developing new products, old customers can get our unique new products in the first time and gain the market opportunities.We are not a rough manufacturing factory, we don't have low price products.We are the pursuit of new design, high quality made in new China