There are 4 reasons you choose UUIDEAR
Dozens of National Patents
We are the founder of the reaction co2 generator for aquarium.
We have more than 13 years' aquarium experience. 
We have rich experience in OEM/ODM. We have professional
design, technical and sales team.
Supply chain
With 13 years' aquarium field experience, we can screen out high-quality raw materials base on huge supply chain in China.
Production line
UUIDEAR has their own factory and assembly lines,
effectively control product quality and flexible customization.

UUIDEAR produced the world’s first real CO2 generator since 2009. It uses chemical reactions to easily DIY co2 at home, rewriting the history that the aquarium CO2 system can only be used with "refill gas cylinder". Several revolutionary technological breakthroughs and product upgrades have made us a benchmark in this industry. Relying on our independent design and development capabilities and rich manufacturing experience, with cutting-edge design concepts, we continue to provide aquarium players with cost-effective products! We do not make cheap inferior products!

Uncompromising quality, innovation never stops!