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Auto top off system aquarium

Auto top off system aquarium

The current models of water refill fix device on the market and the disadvantages


1. Right-angle bucket: restricted installation position, screw type fixing, cumbersome piping, uneven force on the fish tank wall, high cost and large volume.

2. Bottle cap clip type refill bucket: screw type fixing, uneven force on the fish tank wall

3.Float type water filler: restricted installation position, screw type fixing, cumbersome piping, uneven force on cylinder wall, high cost and large volume


Regard UUIDEAR auto top off system, our design purpose: to make a convenient, compact and non-electric water refiller that can store water in the aquarium when you are not at home, so that it can be placed safely and securely, without the need to screw and loosen the screws every time you add water for fish tank, and can be taken flexibly, without the need for float lines and other constraints, without damaging the aquarium tank wall, and without limitations on quantity and placement.

Problems solved by aquarium auto top off water refiller

1.The limescale build up is difficult to clean and the algae scraper is easy to scrape the tank wall

2. Unable to take care of the tank when you travel, you can use more than one water filler at the same time to extend the usage time

3. Fish die unexpectedly, the water quality of the tank is poor due to long-term water shortage.

4. The heating rod is exposed and burnt, short circuit due to water shortage

Range of use:


Freshwater tanks, saltwater aquarium tanks, aquariums, back filtered tanks, bottom filtered tanks, turtle tanks. Fish tank with top cover, not suitable for round fish tanks.


If you are using our water refills, please leave a message with the matching water bottle so that we can accumulate data for other customers to learn from.


PS: if you cannot find a fit bottle, Coca cola bottle will be perfect fit. :)

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