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Best co2 regulator for aquarium

Best co2 regulator for aquarium


1. The usage of regulator


The growth of aquatic plants in aquarium requires photosynthesis cannot do without carbon dioxide. Then it is required to provide special gas cylinders to supply gas to the aquarium. The output pressure of the special gas cylinder ( professional gas station) after filling with liquid carbon dioxide in normal temperature is about 1000 psi, (low in inter, high in summer). However, the pressure in the bottle is rather high and it is unable to directly supply co2 to the aquarium. After pressure reduction, it is around 50 psi. This double gauge pressure reducing valve can simultaneously display the residual pressure in the bottle and the pressure valve after decompression. The fine tuning valve and the bubble counter can adjust and observe the gas volume. The solenoid valve version can be equipped with the timer to turn on and off automatically everyday. The co2 diffuser diffuses into the water to allow the plants to photosynthesis.


2. The pros of uuidear co2 regulator


1. Dual Gauge: a cylinder pressure gauge and a working pressure gauge. Constant pressure and reduced pressure output. The safety pressure value is marked in green and easy to read. Working pressure: 50-60PSI (3-4 BAR).


2. Innovative design: No wrench required, special hand wheel, easy to tighten manually; Quick-plug bubble counter with built-in check valve, very convenient to install and remove.


3. Mini solenoid valve, integrated with Bubble Counter, it is less susceptible to pressure shocks and less prone to damage than the solenoid on conventional CO2 regulators. Cool touch, waterproof, 90% energy saving than other large models. Easy to replace the solenoid bubble counter.


4. Details: The main body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable. High precision needle valve (304 stainless steel needle valve tip) for precise adjustment of CO2 flow rate. Pressure and corrosion resistant O-ring. Compact design, exquisite and small, space-saving.


5. The ready thread of co2 regulator: CGA320, W21.8, G5/8, etc. Accept customized thread


As co2 regulator factory, we could help make your own brand. Welcome your inquiry to talk more.


How to setup aquarium co2 regulator?


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