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Pros and cons of aquarium co2 system

Pros and cons of aquarium co2 system

10 years ago, there are only traditional gas filling co2 cylinder for aquarium planted tank co2 system in the market. Our company create the co2 reactor (baking soda+citric acid+water, produce the co2 gas by a chemical reaction) since 2009. So far, let me introduce the co2 system for aquarium at below:

1. Gas filling co2 cylinder

Pros: Liquid compressed carbon dioxide, one bottle of gas has a relatively long use time.

Cons: The bottle is huge and heavy, and needs to go out to inflate. If the gas station is far away, it is very inconvenient. And now online shopping is very popular, it is inconvenient to transport, because it is easy to preheat and expand during transportation, causing the gas in the bottle to break through the safety valve and run out. Therefore, this inflatable carbon dioxide cylinder is likely to be phased out in the future.

2. Disposable co2 system aquarium

Pros: Beautiful, compact, more suitable for small desktop aquatic plants.

Cons: Expensive, can only be thrown away after a bottle of gas is used up, not environmentally friendly. And the air volume is less, it is not suitable for large aquatic plants.

3. Fermentation co2 system aquarium


Pros: Easy to obtain materials, low cost and low pressure.

Cons: It is greatly affected by the ambient temperature, the pressure is unstable, and the gas outlet is unstable.

4. Chemical reaction co2 system aquarium


(1) Coca cola DIY co2 kit


Pros: Easy to obtain materials, low cost, not affected by ambient temperature, relatively stable gas output.

Cons: Suitable for small and medium-sized aquarium planted tank.

Just prepare two Coke bottles, baking soda + citric acid + water, you can easily DIY CO2 at home, it is a very economical carbon dioxide generator device. For new players and buyers with a low budget, the first choice is a CO2 generator set.

(2) Stainless steel co2 generator chemical reaction

Pros: Easy to obtain materials, stainless steel cylinder, high-end quality, solenoid valve can automatically control the switch, with decompression function, so the output pressure is stable, equipped with a safety valve, the pressure will be automatically released when the pressure exceeds, it is a very Safe and beautiful product.

Cons: Originated in China, emerging products, not yet understood by aquatic plants players around the world.

In summary, for aquatic plants players, chemical carbon dioxide reaction cylinders that are economical and easy to obtain gas sources will be the first choice for wide application in the aquatic plant landscaping industry in the future.

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