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Should i need co2 drop checker in my aquarium planted tank?


There is a misconception among most novice aquascapers that the CO2 content of an aquascape can be judged by the "few seconds of bubble" intake of the refiner. However, it is affected by the power of the filter, the direction of the water flow, the change of the water temperature and many other factors, which is far from the real dissolved amount of co2 in the aquarium. That's why some people wonder why the grass is not in the best condition even though the equipment is advanced and running. The state of the grass is just not ideal ......


How long should i run co2 in my aquarium?


Add more or less, the color says it all.

Blue color, too little co2, the aquatic plants are not in good condition and slow growth

Green color, co2 is normal to ensure photosynthesis, fish and shrimp safety

Yellow color, too much co2 will cause fish and shrimp to die from lack of oxygen


How do you setup a co2 drop checker?


Open the drop check, fill the liquid, using the suction cup, submerge the drop checker into your aquarium water and stick to the aquarium glass sides.

Monitoring and maintaining the correct CO2 levels in your planted aquarium is vital, so the aquarium co2 drop checker and the co2 solutions are need when you have an aquarium planted tank. It is a important role of the aquarium co2 system.

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