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What is aquarium co2 generator?

DIY CO2 Kit Instructions


Generally, Carbon dioxide system include generator and diffuser, the CO2 reactor is based on the principle of acid-base reaction( food grade citric acid and baking soda), makes pure CO2 gas in the corrosion and high pressure resistant 304 stainless steel cylinder, the CO2 gas is slowly and constantly released through a pressure regulator, the gas flow can be adjusted precisely manual or automatic or with the difference type  integrated bubble counter. The diffuser can effectively dissolve into the water and continue to supply CO2 gas for water plants to photosynthesis, can equipped with a CO2 indicator to determine the relative concentration of CO2 in the tank.


So what is include in the aquarium diy co2 generator?


1. Pressure regulator, stainless steel or aluminum materials, as co2 gas was acidic gas, long-term use will corrode the aluminum valve head. So we dont suggest you choose aluminum regulator in stead of stainless steel co2 regulator.

2. 3 stage filter, stainless steel or plastic, the filter could absorb impurity goes into the regulator, so a high quality filter will be needed.

3. Stainless steel bottle, there are difference size optional: 1.3L, 2.4L, 4L, 6L in market, as the original manufacturer, we could provide you OEM size.

4. Solenoid bubble counter, 12V DC mini size low temperature solenoid valve.

5. Other spare part: CO2 proof tubing, strong suction cup, funnel

6. Full set will include co2 diffuser, spare part bag for future maintenance, user manual if you need (the bottle has instruction sticker)




Correct installation of the diy co2 generator, please refer the YouTube video:

For more information about the aquarium co2 generator, email [email protected]

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