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what is the best aquarium filtration system

The best aquarium filtration system depends on the size of your aquarium, the type of fish you have, and your maintenance preferences. Here are the three main types of aquarium filtration systems:


1. Mechanical Filtration:Removes solid particles from the water through a physical barrier like filter floss or sponge.


2. Biological Filtration:Cultivates beneficial bacteria that break down ammonia and nitrites into less harmful nitrates.


3. Chemical Filtration: Uses chemical media like activated carbon to remove impurities and odors from the water.


For most aquariums, a combination of all three types of filtration (mechanical, biological, and chemical) is ideal for maintaining water quality. Canister filters and sump filters are popular choices for larger aquariums, while hang-on-back filters are suitable for smaller tanks. It's essential to choose a filter that is rated for at least the size of your aquarium and to perform regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently.

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