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Why buy aquarium auto top off system for your tank

No matter fresh tank or marine reef tank, you cannot prevent the evaporation of water from your aquarium. But a good Auto top ups or auto fill systems are used to compensate for:


1. When you are on a business trip or traveling few days, use auto top off water compensator to avoid water shortage in your fish tank, aquarium tank, tortoise tank, or other tanks. it can avoid fish die or the heater broken as the fish tank lacks water.


2. The amount of salt in your reef tank is a key component to the success of your reef. As evaporation takes place the salt is left behind, and the salinity of your aquarium increases.


So that is why you need a an aquarium auto top off system for your tank!


Here i would like to recommend you one which is better than a float valve, no wiring or power required, takes less space, comes with 3 replaceable slots, could fit 3-10mm thickness fish tank.


Easy to use, practical and interesting. Just screw the compensator to a water bottle, then stick it to the tank.


When the water level drops to reveal the shorter tube, the water in the bottle automatically flows into the tank due to pressure difference.


As the original manufacturer of this auto top off system, we could also provide you customized service, make your own brand if you are a branding company. For more information, please email: [email protected]


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