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Why co2 drop checker not changing color?

Why is my CO2 checker not changing color?

Firstly, If you confirm that your co2 drop checker solution quality good and the co2 drop checker position was the right level, usually there's a delay of about 2 hours - this is how long it will takes for your drop checker to change colour. So if you tweak your CO2 levels now, wait 2 hours, then see what colour it has changed to.


Where is the best place to put a CO2 drop checker?

Put the co2 drop checker below the water surface within the aquarium and where CO2 bubbles from the diffuser are least likely to enter the device. Leave the drop checker in the aquarium permanently. Please remember that never put the drop checker in a dead zone regarding water circulation, as it will not provide readings accordingly and correctly with the CO2 you inject.


Please refer the below picture 1

What color should drop checker be?


The drop checker is filled with a CO2 indicator solution, which shows the CO2 content of the water by means of a color change. Blue indicates too little carbon dioxide, your plant will be grow slow as lack of netritions, Yellow means there is too much, the fish and shrimp will has a risk die as the lack of air, and green tells you the CO2 content is just right.


You should always keep the color in Green!


It is very important to monitor the carbon dioxide level in the tank. A good carbon dioxide detector can provide accurate reading and color display. There are various carbon dioxide detectors on the market, but the quality is indeed uneven. According to one of our test video data, our detection liquid changes color quickly and is the most accurate on the market.


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