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Why is my co2 diffuser not working?

Why is my co2 diffuser not working

1. Check if your co2 source is working properly?

Unplug the co2 diffuser and put the air tubing directly into the water to see if the co2 is coming out of the tube normally.

Sometimes, for the first time using, a diffuser need to soak in water for a day or two before it will function, the best diffusion effect will be seen after 2-3 days using.

2. Check the co2 source output pressure

There are low pressure co2 diffuser, and high pressure co2 diffuser two type in market

Most of co2 diffuser are low pressure, but if your co2 diffuser was high pressure, it need the pushing pressure above 3bar.

Compare with two types, you will get a better mist and fine bubbles from the high pressure co2 diffuser, see the best co2 diffuser:

3. Check if the whole co2 system connecting was correct, if there was a leaking or the check valve direction was correct.

4. Check if the co2 ceramic stone was clogged or not. After long time using, it may be clogged and need cleaning. Soak it in bleach or vinegar, please refer the video and see how to cleaning your co2 diffuser.

If you checked all and your co2 diffuser still not working, you need change a new co2 diffuser!

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