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Are inline CO2 diffusers better?

Inline diffuser VS in tank diffuser


As the manufacturer of the aquarium co2 diffuser, It is recommended to choose an inline co2 diffuser in the following situations:


1)Planted tank with a lid, you cannot find a suitable in tank co2 diffuser, better consider the inline co2 diffuser

2)Dont want occupied any space in the tank, then consider the inline co2 diffuser, which could connect the aquarium filter tubing and diffusion co2 outside the tank. This is also the biggest advantages of the inline co2 diffuser, make your tank less equipment, and help it looks nicer.

When you choose inline diffuser, please choose right tube size, because there are 12mm/16mm, 16mm/22mm difference specification, Please note!


Sometimes, the intank diffuser looks like an artwork in the tank too, the co2 bubbles flows around your planted tank, you will get a new view.


Some people said the inline co2 diffuser better than intank co2 diffuser as the higher effecient diffusion, that was not ture! UUIDEAR  co2 diffuser both good. we use the special unique co2 ceramic stone, no matter which design, the bubbles are tiny and diffusion result perfect.


You can follow up UUDEAR youtube channel, and discover more:


Anyway, aquascaping was an artwork itself, you can get difference experience from difference choice, right?


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