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Glass or stainless steel aquarium lily pipe, which one is better?

Aquascaping was an hobby, choose the suitable aquarium equipment according your own demands, no matter on the lily pipe material or the aquarium co2 system, here below was some of our opinions:


Glass lily pipe



1. Great looking in the glass aquarium planted tank, invisible in the water

2. Difference design in the market, such as: lily pipes, pollen pipe etc

3. Glass style match your glass co2 diffuser, and glass planted tank



1. Ugly looking after covered with algae

2. Easy break during the using or maintenance



Stainless steel lily pipe



1. Stainless steel raw material makes the pipes strong and not easy broken as the glass inlet and outlet

2. Invisible algae even it covered with algae after long time using.

3. Metal style match with your stainless steel filter and stainless steel co2 diffuser


Cons: Rusting after long time using if you order a poor quality inlet and outlet lily pipes


Except the Pros and cons, one more factor you should consider the price, choose the suitable equipment for your hobby.


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