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What size co2 diffuser do i need

As the professional manufacturer of aquarium equipment, who focused on the aquarium co2 system, we provide the whole range of co2 diffuser, such as glass co2 diffuser, acrylic co2 diffuser, stainless steel co2 diffuser, inline co2 diffuser, with high quality and mist bubbles.


In addition to choosing a good co2 diffuser or co2 atomizer with a suitable size for the planted tank, the refinement effect of the diffuser is also very important. The higher the dissolution rate, the better the absorption, and it can also save carbon dioxide gas and save your money!


Then what size co2 diffuser do i need?


Usually there are 3 difference size planted tank in the market: Small size, Medium size, Large size:


For small size planted tank, of course you should consider smaller size co2 diffuser, such us our Ruby co2 diffuser:


For medium size planted tank, small U co2 diffuser, Double U co2 diffuser:


For large size planted tank, you can consider the inline co2 diffuser, which does not occupy the area inside the cylinder, can meet all filter hose 12mm or 16mm:

If you want to learn more information about the aquarium co2 system, email:  [email protected]

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