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Best way to clean co2 diffuser in aquarium

All us knows that the co2 diffuser was very important in the whole aquarium co2 system for the planted tank, but peoples don’t know that the most important is the dissolution rate of a co2 atomizer, the co2 will be waste in the tank if the bubbles are big, as it cannot be resolved in the water very well.


But all kinds of co2 diffuser has one common problems, the ceramic disc will be clogged and bad mist bubbles after long time use, because of the planted tank environment changed: because of algae, fish poop, food, etc. So what can we do now?


As the original manufacturer and expert of aquarium system, we have the below suggestions:


First notice


It is forbidden to clean the surface of diffuser piece with a cloth or brush

Best way to clean co2 diffuser in aquarium:


The correct cleaning method is:


1) Soak the diffuser piece in liquid containing chlorine or other algaecide

2) Rinse with water and then output the gas for 3 minutes in other water container in order to rinse off residue in the piece.

3) Use again in aquarium tank after rinsing by water.

4) Replace diffuser piece if using effect can not be realized after cleaning.

Or you could refer George Farmers cleaning video on YOUTUBE: How to clean a diffuser with two minute tips

UUIDEAR Co2 diffuser ceramic disc could be replace, when you clean the ceramic, you could have an extra one to replace. I recommend you some good high quality mist bubbles aquarium co2 diffuser at below:





If you would like more professional suggestions about aquarium co2 system operating and maintenance, please email us: [email protected]

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